Day 2

Hey it’s me again kristine today is my second day and we took pictures of the project at the lighthouse which was cool and I think later I’m going to be helping out with the sugar cubes? Activity not sure what it is, it’s pouring down with rain right now, but it’s fine with me because I’m inside hehe

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Hey I’m Erin a…

Hey I’m Erin and I started work experience today at Aspex gallery.

I arrived at gunwharf at around ten o’clock (after some minor train hiccups- I think I’ll get the bus tomorrow) and went to the gallery, when I arrived I was shown around by the lovely Wendy. We then went upstairs to the staff room where Kristine- the other work experience girl painstakingly filled out an order form on the iPad only to have it deleted. Gutting! I think I’ll have a go at thattomorrow, save her doing it twice!

thankyou for letting me have the chance to do my work experience here, looking foward to the rest of the week :3


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Arundel Court School – Drawing workshop

Teachers at the Arundel Court Schools took part in a Professional Development session, led by Wendy Middleditch and Amy Lloyd. We discussed how art and drawing is taught in school, how sometimes teachers and pupils decide they can’t draw, and what makes a good drawing. Then the teachers took part in a variety of timed, fun and challenging drawing activities, designed to relax and liberate their drawing skills. 

The next planned session will be on Painting Techniques.

If you want to find out more about how we can work with teachers or schools, please contact Amy Lloyd at :





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Day 1 work expeince

Hey! It Kristine

I arrived here an hour ago, not sure, anyway Clive and Wendy showed me around the gallery and I actually found it fascinating because they have a room filled with 100 desks and each of them has a speaker and artist would be talking all at the same time, sometimes the sounds go really quiet and then it goes really loud, it can startle you aswell but right now I’m just doodling whilst Wendy ‘s making a list of art materials to order online later 🙂 xxxxxx

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My Last Day of Work Experience

It is my Last Day, and I feel sad that I am leaving everyone and going back to school, but I am kind of pleased as this Work Experience have shown me what life is like in the ‘Real, Working’ world, and I don’t think I’m up for that yet! I think I might do some volunteering for Aspex during my college years and help with workshops…
Anyway, today I helped Clive take down the exhibition in gallery 2, which meant I had to peel the letters off the wall, but I couldn’t do all of it as it went quite high up and I’m not that tall (I’m 5ft :/), then I went over to the Lighthouse and helped Amy clear out and tidy the Lighthouse, it was getting quite messy in there I have to say… but then it has been a busy last two weeks!
I have really enjoyed the fortnight with Aspex, learnt some new skills, and worked with a variety of ages and cultures. It has been a pleasure and I think I was quite lucky to get a placement here, I feel as this is my second home. The staffs have been wonderful and the public really knows that this is a unique and wonderful charity. I will miss everyone, and you readers, as this is my last post I will ever make:( it is quite hard to express my feelings and thoughts into this post, but nevertheless it is better than nothing 🙂
I want to thank all at Aspex for this work experience, your help is much appreciated.

I hope you found my blog interesting as I have, and if any of you consider coming here for your work experience, I strongly recommend you to do so. Until then, it’s adios from me

“Sometimes you have to let go of the one you love to find out if there is really something there. Every goodbye makes the next hello closer.”

Isobel Johnson aged 15 years.
Follow me on Twitter: @johnson_isobel 

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Week Two: Day Four of Work Experience

On Thursday, at 12:30pm, we had 70 children from Manor’s for the workshop –70! They all had great fun, and Lou and Josh decided to join in with them and do the activity, I distinctly remember him saying
“This what I love about this job, you get to do what they’re doing!”
By 2:30 the children had got their coach and went home, and we tided up after them, I do not know why, but they had managed to glue tissues paper onto the floor so I had to spend most of the afternoon peeling it off! I had my lunch break in the staffroom, after going to Tesco’s and getting myself a bag of Randoms :3 (I did have a banana and a sandwich too) Because, after lunch, there wasn’t anything much left for me to do, I could go home early!

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Week Two: Day Three of Work Experience

 Today, I worked with Lou and Josh, to come up with activities for Manor Infants School’s reception classes. We had to do something that related to the exhibition “A Hundred Seas Rising” and a Pirate theme, which they were doing at school. Eventually, after many hours of searching Google and using sites, such as “CraftGawker” and “Pininterest”, I came up with an activity for the children to do. I then had my lunch break at half 1 and when I came back I made some prototypes of the activity to show the children for tomorrow. By 3pm, I helped to set up the Lighthouse for the “Sugarcubes” After- School Art Club, getting the drinks, sorting out the tables ect. However, I couldn’t stay for “Sugarcubes” as I had to leave early as my younger sister was playing in her School’s Concert so I had to go home and get ready in time for the performance. 


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