Aspex Show Review.

I walked over to where the show was being held and sat down infront of a huge screen which was displaying short video clips of various places in Portsmouth.

At first, i thought these places to be empty, as if they were being viewed at night, but then, i was surprised to see one clip in particular which showed a shop. At second glance, i realised it was not empty. It amused me a little to see a couple of innocent shoppers, unaware that they were being watched.

Over the top of the videos, a voice is telling me about the place that i am looking at. It speaks in a clear and loud voice, which almost sounds like it could echo in the empty gallery space.

To me, this voice is almost like the voice in my head as i watch the short video clips before me. Except instead of hearing my opinion on the show or my thoughts (as you would usually hear inside your head), i hear facts. These facts are ones such as exactly how many seats there happen to be in the image of the theatre that is displaying, or even the length of the pipes which surround a certain place. This makes me think about how an image of somewhere that seems as simple as a deserted place could be, is actually in fact quite a complicated work of art.

I find it quite interesting, because it shows that even the simplest of things in life can actually be quite unusual in a way, as they are not always as simple as they seem.

The places shown are a mixture of beautiful architecture to utterly normal places that are not at all fancy. But then i see the image of what appears to be between the other side of the celling and inside of a roof. This is somewhere you’d never normally get to see, and yet it’s as if you’re actually standing there, instead of standing in an art gallery.

A few of the places shown, i recognised, but there are plenty that i have never seen before – which makes me a little curious to know where they are and possibly even visit them. This makes me realise that even though you may think you’ve seen everything there is to see in the place that you live in, but you’re actually probably wrong.

I like the fact that at first when you see the images you just presume they are images. and it is not until you watch for a few more seconds that you’ll realise something in that image is moving. Like the two pigeons that are joined by a third as they peck at the grass. Or a tree, its branches casually blowing about in the wind that you can see but cannot feel.

Seeing people is the strangest because when you see someone, you expect them to see you back. In this case, it’s as if you’re a ghost or an inanimate object. It’s not as if this person is doing anything spectacular, it’s just like watching someone go about their everyday lives. Whether you find that interesting is up to you of course, but in my case it was rather intriguing.

At first, when i walked in and sat down to watch the show, hearing the voice and watching it, i didn’t get it. But as i watched some more and listened carefully, i began to enjoy it and find that i could write this review.

I hope this gives you a clear view of what the show was like and interests you to take a look for yourself.

By Sami Varley (part of my work experience here.)

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2 Responses to Aspex Show Review.

  1. Wow Sami – thanks for this beautiful review!

  2. An excellent perspective, I really enjoyed reading this!
    Lou x

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