Environmental T-Shirt Challenge…

Yesterday Evening we had a chaotic but fun environment in the gallery. It was full with excited children who were taking part in a French exchange with a local school in Portsmouth and one from France.

When the children arrived they were extremely excited and rowdy but after a drink and a biscuit they were ready to get involved and seemed really passionate about the task in hand.

The challenge was to design a poster conceptually surrounding the environmental video they were shown. With the winning design being transferred onto t-shirts.  They had a variety of arts materials in which to construct their designs which allowed their imagination run wild and it certainly did. I was surprised with the diversity and creativity of the produced posters considering the space looked to me to be chaos! However the results were truly inspirational and would make you think about the issues they were addressing.

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The children voted for their favorite poster which was the winning design and will now be printed on to t-shirts…..

Winning Design...


If you are interested in the work we are doing or are interested in getting involved please feel free to contact us…

By Katie Lewis. Textile Artist



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