The Sugar Cubes!

Yesterday afternoon we were joined by children who couldn’t wait to get started with their fun after school art club. When the children arrived at Aspex they were given a drink of juice and a biscuit and a chance to calm down before they started.

First off, the children were told that they could decorate the wall (which had paper stuck on it, ready to be drawn on). We had cut out a bunch of interesting pictures from magazines before they had arrived so that the children could stick whichever pictures of their choice onto the wall. They went wild and decorated the wall with not only pictures from magazines, but also drawings and their own names and anything else they fancied.

This was done so that they could use the newly decorated wall as a backdrop for the second part. The children were shown how to use and given cameras, one between two, so that they could take pictures of their partners in front of their part of the wall.

The children had lots of fun, and just before it was time to go, they were allowed to take a group photo with one child being the “director” and was able to tell the others how they wanted them to look in the photo.

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By Sami Varley.

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