Day 1 at Aspex – Ashley

On the first day of working at Aspex I met Amy for the second time and the rest of the staff, before we got started Amy took me and Lora round the Gallery to show us where everything is. As soon as we finished the tour we were thrown into our first job of the two weeks, we had to create something out of a number of items found in the creating area, Lora made a face out of plastic items and I made a box with Items arranged in it in a creative way. When we did this job we went for lunch in Burger King and sit and talked about our morning at Aspex and about how enjoyable it was.

After we went for lunch we put on our jackets and headed straight for the Craft Bank to collect unwanted items and objects to create something new, soon after getting back from the Craft Bank in a taxi, our next job was to make some robots which turned out to be really good fun. When we did this we went through some papers to sort them out so they were all A4 and they were no doubles of the same picture.

Later we discovered after needing some good cups of tea that there was no milk or sugar, so again we put on our jackets and went to the shop and bought what we needed (and some biscuits) and came back and and some great cups of tea with biscuits. Before we knew it, it was coming up for the end of the day and we were aloud to go home early.

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