Day 2 at Aspex – Ashley

On the second day of working at Aspex I came in at the same time as Tuesday 9:40, me and Lora had our cups of tea (as usual) and then were stuck for things to do as there wasn’t really any jobs that needed doing in the morning for us so we did little things like clean up, well I started and told lora to help me.

After a busy morning of tidying up we were told by Wendy that there will be a party for the Sugar Cubes in the gallery at 3:00pm so we can help set it up so we decided to get straight into it, we started by blowing up the balloons and putting them up, which almost made me collapse as there were so many. We worked through our lunch break setting up the party and going out to buy food and things for party games.

As soon as the Sugar Cubes arrived you could tell that we had done a god job, they were so happy with what we had all done for them it was great, after a long day of setting up the party and needing lots of cups of tea it was worth it… all that was left to do was the tidying up.

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