Day 2 at Aspex- Lora

on our second day at Aspex, i arrived at 9.50 am same as tuesday. In the morning me and Ashley didnt have much to do so we just help with anything w could find. we then were about to go to lunch at 12.00 but then Wendy found a job for us, it was to organise a party for a group called sugar cubes they were a after school club that came to Aspex every Wednesday to have fun and do some art.

So during mine and Ashley lunch we stayed in and blow the balloons up and then went to Tescos to buy some squash, lemonade, sweeties, biscuits and fairy cakes. Once we got back to Aspex with everything we then had to wrap these presents up that wendy had bought and make a pass the passel which was good fun. After a while of laying out the food and drink on the tables me and ashley sat down for 20 minuets before the little children came for there party.

They arrived about 3.40pm where they came into the education room where me, ashley and amy were sat talking about what is going to happen. we discused that they would play a game wit balloons and questions. so they would have to find a question out of a hat ane put inside a balloon then blow the balloon up. After doing this they would have t get a pin and pop the balloon and answer the question, whilst they were doing this me and Ashley would film them.

The party turned out great with the pass he passel, the food ad the question game. I think it was a all round succes.

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