Day 3 at Aspex – Ashley

As soon as Thursday came it was starting to become a constant thing of me coming to work 20 minutes early so I decided just to go in early and find things to do for myself while I waited for lora to arrive at the gallery. First thing first I noticed there was washing up to be done, so I thought to myself “someones got to get it done” so I got stuck in and washed all of the dishes that I could see and yet again, make myself a cup of tea, by this point lora had arrived and we decided to sit back and wait for our first job of the day.

Our first job was to take pictures of the current artist at work, so naturally I grabbed the best camera for the job and got straight to it and took a lot of pictures of the art work and the artists them selves. Soon after doing this Jo asked us if we wanted to go and get some keys cut with her so we decided to… I mean it was a lovely day so, why not? When we got back we decided to go on our lunch break.

When we got back from our break we took some more pictures of the artists and their work before Jo asked us to do a timeline of all the artists that would be coming to the gallery in the coming months and hang it in the gallery, it took some time with our creative thoughts but before we knew it we were on a roll with the timeline and it started too look rather good as well.

Almost when we were done me and Jo were asked to help out carrying some stuff to the lighthouse, the is being delivered so as we are the kind people that we are, we decided to help, and the stuff that we were carrying was not light and it was very messy, there was dust all down the front of my trousers.

When we got back in Lora had finished the timeline and it looked great, to finish it of I drew a Donald Duck face near it to make it even better and before we knew it our day was over.

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