Day 3 at Aspex- Lora

On day 3 at Aspex me and Ashley arrived at Aspex with a mess to tidy up in gallery 1 because non of us decided to clean up last night after the party. once that was done we went to help Markus in the lighthouse building to sweep away any rubbish that was not needed any more, that took us about 20 min. Around 12.00 me and Ashley went with Jo to commercial road to get 2 more sets of keys for the two artist that were working in gallery 1. We got back around 1.00pm and went straight to lunch at burger king! It was a sunny day so me, Ashley and Matt went to sit by the water until around 2.00pm went we started work again.

When we went into the office of Aspex we sore Jo were she told she told us that she needed our help with a time line that showed us went different artist were coming to Aspex  during July and September . This took us all afternoon because we decided to be creative and use different materials for each artist which took a while.

We finally finished around 5.00pm when amy said that we could go home after a good day of work. 

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