day 5 at aspex- lora

On tuesday ,our 5th day at aspex i arrived at 9.55am. Me and Ashley were asked by Markus to help him in the light house (the new building we are doing up). I really don’t know the name of the stuff we had to pull off but im gonna call it the plastic stick tape stuff. We started pulling it off on the out side which wasnt to bad it was just a bit tough in some areas, and then we had to try and do it on the inside of the lighthouse which was much harder because the plastic stuff was thiner and more flimsy so when we pulled on it, it just ripped. By the end of that mine and Ashleys fingers were really sore so we went for our lunch break.

Matt our friend met us at aspex and we decided to stay in the cafe’ for lunch instead of going out. we just sat around eat and talking about what we had been up to at the weekend, and some bits were funny compared to usual weekend stories, lol.

In the afternoon me and ashley went into the arc and typed up our blogs from fridays work and then checked our facebooks for 10 min because we hadn’t been set anything else to do. Jo came in and asked us if we wanted to interview one of the artists that were there today , so i asked the questions and ashleys filmed. When we found Amy, me, ashley, jo and amy sat in the arc and edited the interview that we had done and posted it on the internet. By that time it was time for me to go to gym , so i left at 4.50pm to go meet my mum in Gunwalf.

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