My time at Aspex

*insert epic blog post introduction here*
My name’s Sophie, and I’m at the lovely Aspex gallery for my work experience. So far, it’s been awesome, I’d much rather be hanging out here than doing boring work at school! A highlight has to be working with the kids in Court Lane Junior School in Cosham. I had to help the kids design a board game for a competition, and it had to be linked to le France. The kids came up with a genius game idea – the Mona Lisa painting was stolen, returned to Aspex gallery, and the players had to deliver the painting back to the Louvre via planes, cars, trains, Eurostar, swimming across the channel, etc. One of the boys (Josh) painted the most epic Mona Lisa painting I have ever seen. Leonardo da Vinci would be green with envy. Some of the girls designed a puppet dragon as the bad guy at the end of the game. (Why there would be a dragon in the Louvre, I have no idea) The characters and spinners were designed beautifully, too. The kids should be very proud. I’ve just been hanging out and everyone’s been awesome here. Looking forward to a very merry Christmas!

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