Day Five of Work Experience

I got a lift to Aspex today, and I met Amy in the staffroom and we got the conference packs and carried them down to the New Theatre Royal (where the conference is being hosted). We got there around about 11:30 and Amy had sort about some ticket problems at the Box Office (as Aspex have given away some) and the Box Office wasn’t sure how many would be attending the conference, so that took a bit of our time. After sorting out the minor malfunction we headed upstairs and went to the Café and had a chat with Annis Joslin about the DVD she brought with her for her talk about “What next for culture in Portsmouth?” We then decided to meet the technicians and run a test drive of the DVD Annis’ has created. We went down to the stage and saw them busy setting up the projectors and microphones for the event, we gave them the Mac Book and the DVD. And we went from there sorting out the sound quality, the light quality and the size of the film. Along with the help of Gareth (who turned up just as we went down to speak to the technicians) the film was ready to roll for the talk. By then it was 1:00 and we started to let the Public come in, giving out the conference packs (which myself and Letty put together the day before) and being seated. At 1:30 the clipboards came out and the public was poised with their biro’s ready to scribble down anything revolutionary in the talk, the light dimmed and Deborah Owen Ellis Clark, Chair of Aspex Visual Arts Trust, took centre stage… (At this moment in time I thought to myself “All the world a stage…”) Don’t ask me why, but it seemed appropriate, seeing that this conference was about “What’s next for Culture in Portsmouth?”
Yes indeed, what’s next?

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