Day Four of Work Experience

I arrived at Aspex and went over to the Lighthouse to welcome the French Exchange Students, and then Letty and myself went back to Aspex and set up the materials and seating, for the children who came at 10:30 for their art session.  I found it really interesting to see them translated the French into English for us, and then English to French for them- I will never be as good, I ‘m still doing my French GCSEs! One of the boys couldn’t draw the Spinnaker Tower so I drew one for him for him to copy on his postcard, which they were all making. But I couldn’t work out whether the Spinnaker Tower was a masculine or a femmine, so in the end I wrote down for him “Le Spinnaker Tower” but I realised I later that I should have written “La Tour Spinnaker” until I remembered that it was only if you’re translating the French into English –e.g. La Tour Eiffel to The Eiffel Tower, whereas for the French you just say the English. (Je Pense!) When the French exchange students left and I finished tidying the Studio after them, and went on my Lunch break, I met up with Ellie for a brief conversation as she had a staff meeting later on during lunchtime, and then I went to the Café and had a Shortcake. Afterwards I went back to Aspex and updated my blog, and then helped Letty sort out the conference packs for tomorrow- we ran out of leaflets so Letty phoned the staffroom for more! Then in the middle of putting the leaflets into the packs, I realised that I forgot to include the booklets of the Cultural Olympiad, which meant that I had to go back and redo 20 of the packs! This what happens when you have a conversation- you don’t pay attention!
101 packs later…
We have finished, and it’s almost four in the afternoon so I am let off from Aspex.

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