Day Three of Work Experience

Today, we had two staff meetings, where we talked about future prospects and the situation of Aspex at the moment, we had tea and I was invited to come to their training day on the 2nd of July. The meeting concluded at 12:00.  After that I worked with Wendy instead of Letty, and I helped to set up the Lighthouse for the French Exchange students coming in tomorrow, I was given £15 to go to Tesco and by some food and drinks for the children and for the After-School club later on at 3:30. I cleaned the wall of chalk, and stuck up photos and poems from the Aspex Competition between schools all around Portsmouth, I was surprised to find that St. Swithun’s was one of the winning schools as it used to be my Primary School which I attend four years ago.  I had lunch at 2:00 and went to Tesco’s and brought myself lunch instead of going to the café, because I wanted to go out for a bit and for some exercise! Then afterwards, I went back and helped Wendy with setting up the Rootstein Hopkins Education Studio, for ‘Sugarcubes’ (the After-School Club), and I stayed for half an hour to supervise and help the Club with doing their Arts Award. At 4:15, I got my bike and cycled home.

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