Week Two: Day Four of Work Experience

On Thursday, at 12:30pm, we had 70 children from Manor’s for the workshop –70! They all had great fun, and Lou and Josh decided to join in with them and do the activity, I distinctly remember him saying
“This what I love about this job, you get to do what they’re doing!”
By 2:30 the children had got their coach and went home, and we tided up after them, I do not know why, but they had managed to glue tissues paper onto the floor so I had to spend most of the afternoon peeling it off! I had my lunch break in the staffroom, after going to Tesco’s and getting myself a bag of Randoms :3 (I did have a banana and a sandwich too) Because, after lunch, there wasn’t anything much left for me to do, I could go home early!

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