Work Experience

Hello, my name is Isobel (Izzy) and i will be posting about my two weeks of Work Experience with Aspex, hope you’ll find this informative and interesting.

Day one– I came to Aspex at 10 :00 am, met my supervisor -Letty Clarke. I then had a brief Induction and a tour of the area, was shown how the Exhibition was set up and how they tested it to make sure the speakers were working.  After that, I was to sort out the Art Trolleys and organise it before the gallery opened. Then later on, I was asked to write a review of Suki Chan’s ‘A Hundred Seas Rising’ Exhibition.  At 1:00, I was on my lunch break and was told that volunteers could get free lunch at the café So I had a cherry flapjack and then went out at 1:15 to meet up with my friend Ellie, who was doing work experience with a group of Architects near where I was, and we had lunch together and chatted for 45 minutes (I have an hour lunch break) as I had to go back to Aspex.  On returning at 2:00 I continued writing up my review of the Exhibition and created worksheets relating to the Exhibition- that lasted until 4:00 when the gallery closed for the day.

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