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The Vulcan Building

Gunwharf Quays



T +44 (0)23 9277 8080



One Response to Contact Us

  1. john hayes says:

    Hi…..have only just read the council mag “Flagship” and noticed that on Sat 20th Oct you have a Victory quiz. Not sure if you are the right personto talk to or that your interested.

    My name is John Hayes ex Victory Head Rigger. Having worked on the ship for 25 years plus. I have a display of various maritime objects, connected to the ship which i at one time travelled around the UK and abroard with. I have since retired but still have the bug to host my display. I dont need a lot of space just the length of a paste table and somewhere i can hang a backdrop. Pictures of the display are available if required.
    I demonstrate the art of knot tying along with a display of nautical knots….I display contemporary knots made in various colours as to enhance the features of the knot.

    My main knot I have discovered that attracts the most attention is the tying of the Monkey Fist which goes back to the 17th century which i perform and normally give it away to any interested child or adult !
    I dont charge……..Also i can answer any question on the rigging and the ropes of the ship. and would be happy to spend the day with you on the 20th if you want …????

    I have called you just now but found you to be closed, so i will call again tomorrow

    With thanks

    John Hayes

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