Week Two: Day Two of Work Experience

I am writing this all up, and I did a bit of my art homework, which I have forgotten to do last week (Sorry!) Which reminds me I must do my English essay… but I can do that on the weekend, it’s only 350 words, after all I did spend an entire Sunday afternoon writing a 1000 word essay! But the book I’m studying links to a Hundred Seas Rising as we’re doing a novel by Charles Dickens who also wrote a Tale of Two Cities which was Suki Chan’s inspiration for her Project. So I wonder if “Great Expectations” will inspire me to create a world-class artwork too…
Watch this space!
In the words of Charles Dickens, the weather conditions at the moment is

“Stormy and wet, stormy and wet; mud, mud, mud, deep in all the streets. Day after day, a vast heavy veil had been driving over London from the east, and it drove still, as if in the east there were an eternity of cloud and wind.” 

If this is not coincidence, what is?

Just came back from my lunch break, I went out and had lunch with my Mum, Ellie and her mum, at Frankie’s and Benny’s. It was really delicious, unfortunately the weather is still “wet; mud, mud, mud, deep in the streets”, so I got a tad wet going across Gunwharf. Earlier on, I did some photocopying for Wendy; I had to photocopy all the pages of all the Arts Award Booklets (Bronze, Sliver and Gold) enlarging them from A3 to A4, which proved to be tricky and we had a paper jam. Then Wendy showed me how to scan it so that it will print the sheets onto two sides on one A4 sheet. This was easier to do and I printed 5 booklets per level (5 for Bronze, 5 for Sliver and so on) and stapled them together. Halfway between the jobs the paper ran out and I went to get some more to fill it up again. Then I finished the task I was set just before one, just in time for lunch!

This now leaves me to this current moment…

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Week Two: Day One of Work Experience

Today Aspex Gallery was closed due to staff training, but I was excused from that, instead we had a private school workshop from 10:30 to 2:30 with Mayville High School and they were given a talk from the Artist: Suki Chan. She was a lovely lady and she gave an insightful talk to them, that I saw the children enjoyed. And then they created their own revolution through posters, artworks, booklets, flags, and vibrant Manifesto. There were quite a few highlighted issues among the students, which included Racial Discrimination and the effect of Humans on the Environment, which I thought was very important revolution to make about. Then each group voted, who presented the best manifesto, and a group won with 15 votes! All in all we had a great day, and I was allowed to leave work early at 2:35pm.

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Day Five of Work Experience

I got a lift to Aspex today, and I met Amy in the staffroom and we got the conference packs and carried them down to the New Theatre Royal (where the conference is being hosted). We got there around about 11:30 and Amy had sort about some ticket problems at the Box Office (as Aspex have given away some) and the Box Office wasn’t sure how many would be attending the conference, so that took a bit of our time. After sorting out the minor malfunction we headed upstairs and went to the Café and had a chat with Annis Joslin about the DVD she brought with her for her talk about “What next for culture in Portsmouth?” We then decided to meet the technicians and run a test drive of the DVD Annis’ has created. We went down to the stage and saw them busy setting up the projectors and microphones for the event, we gave them the Mac Book and the DVD. And we went from there sorting out the sound quality, the light quality and the size of the film. Along with the help of Gareth (who turned up just as we went down to speak to the technicians) the film was ready to roll for the talk. By then it was 1:00 and we started to let the Public come in, giving out the conference packs (which myself and Letty put together the day before) and being seated. At 1:30 the clipboards came out and the public was poised with their biro’s ready to scribble down anything revolutionary in the talk, the light dimmed and Deborah Owen Ellis Clark, Chair of Aspex Visual Arts Trust, took centre stage… (At this moment in time I thought to myself “All the world a stage…”) Don’t ask me why, but it seemed appropriate, seeing that this conference was about “What’s next for Culture in Portsmouth?”
Yes indeed, what’s next?

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Day Four of Work Experience

I arrived at Aspex and went over to the Lighthouse to welcome the French Exchange Students, and then Letty and myself went back to Aspex and set up the materials and seating, for the children who came at 10:30 for their art session.  I found it really interesting to see them translated the French into English for us, and then English to French for them- I will never be as good, I ‘m still doing my French GCSEs! One of the boys couldn’t draw the Spinnaker Tower so I drew one for him for him to copy on his postcard, which they were all making. But I couldn’t work out whether the Spinnaker Tower was a masculine or a femmine, so in the end I wrote down for him “Le Spinnaker Tower” but I realised I later that I should have written “La Tour Spinnaker” until I remembered that it was only if you’re translating the French into English –e.g. La Tour Eiffel to The Eiffel Tower, whereas for the French you just say the English. (Je Pense!) When the French exchange students left and I finished tidying the Studio after them, and went on my Lunch break, I met up with Ellie for a brief conversation as she had a staff meeting later on during lunchtime, and then I went to the Café and had a Shortcake. Afterwards I went back to Aspex and updated my blog, and then helped Letty sort out the conference packs for tomorrow- we ran out of leaflets so Letty phoned the staffroom for more! Then in the middle of putting the leaflets into the packs, I realised that I forgot to include the booklets of the Cultural Olympiad, which meant that I had to go back and redo 20 of the packs! This what happens when you have a conversation- you don’t pay attention!
101 packs later…
We have finished, and it’s almost four in the afternoon so I am let off from Aspex.

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Day Three of Work Experience

Today, we had two staff meetings, where we talked about future prospects and the situation of Aspex at the moment, we had tea and I was invited to come to their training day on the 2nd of July. The meeting concluded at 12:00.  After that I worked with Wendy instead of Letty, and I helped to set up the Lighthouse for the French Exchange students coming in tomorrow, I was given £15 to go to Tesco and by some food and drinks for the children and for the After-School club later on at 3:30. I cleaned the wall of chalk, and stuck up photos and poems from the Aspex Competition between schools all around Portsmouth, I was surprised to find that St. Swithun’s was one of the winning schools as it used to be my Primary School which I attend four years ago.  I had lunch at 2:00 and went to Tesco’s and brought myself lunch instead of going to the café, because I wanted to go out for a bit and for some exercise! Then afterwards, I went back and helped Wendy with setting up the Rootstein Hopkins Education Studio, for ‘Sugarcubes’ (the After-School Club), and I stayed for half an hour to supervise and help the Club with doing their Arts Award. At 4:15, I got my bike and cycled home.

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Day Two of Work Experience

I arrived a bit early today as I cycled, so I wandered around Gunwharf until It was five to 10 and I headed towards Aspex, for 10:00. Letty was not in today, but she left me work to do, so I got the keys to get into the Arc* (The Glass Office) and logged myself onto the Mac.  I spent most of the day researching and designing ideas that could be used for Mini Makers, which is a Saturday art club that is run by Aspex for 0-8 year olds. Some of the themes were about the summer so I drew some colouring sheets of beaches and ice creams for the children to colour or collage in.  I used websites such as craftgwaker.com, which is an amazing site full of ideas, and pinintrest.com that is full of inspiration. I had lunch at the café (which was delicious!), as Ellie was not in today as she went out to lunch with her Mum. And then carried on with the task I was set.  I left work a little earlier than usual as there wasn’t really much left for me to do. 

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Work Experience

Hello, my name is Isobel (Izzy) and i will be posting about my two weeks of Work Experience with Aspex, hope you’ll find this informative and interesting.

Day one– I came to Aspex at 10 :00 am, met my supervisor -Letty Clarke. I then had a brief Induction and a tour of the area, was shown how the Exhibition was set up and how they tested it to make sure the speakers were working.  After that, I was to sort out the Art Trolleys and organise it before the gallery opened. Then later on, I was asked to write a review of Suki Chan’s ‘A Hundred Seas Rising’ Exhibition.  At 1:00, I was on my lunch break and was told that volunteers could get free lunch at the café So I had a cherry flapjack and then went out at 1:15 to meet up with my friend Ellie, who was doing work experience with a group of Architects near where I was, and we had lunch together and chatted for 45 minutes (I have an hour lunch break) as I had to go back to Aspex.  On returning at 2:00 I continued writing up my review of the Exhibition and created worksheets relating to the Exhibition- that lasted until 4:00 when the gallery closed for the day.

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